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Vermont Google Summit (March 2014)

Saturday March 29th - Sunday March 30th, 2014

My Sessions

Whether you are flipping your classroom, differentiating your curriculum, providing on-you-own-time training or having students digitise their oral presentations, creating narrated presentations are a very important skill in education now. This workshop I will demonstrate some tools that work on many devices including Chromebooks.

Many educators have found that YouTube is a great place to get information, which it is. But there is a lot of benefits you can provide to your classroom if you learn to upload. 
Once you take that leap you will find that YouTube is much more than just a repository of video’s, but allows you to edit videos, create slideshows, record directly from the webcam and even insert questions or links on to video’s. This workshop will showcase some of those advanced features of YouTube that many may not even know exists. 

It would seem that a device that is web-only would seem limiting. The truth is that there are many things you can do from graphic editing, movie editing, to typing and more. In this workshop I will start off by showcasing and exploring the Chrome Webstore. This is a precursor to creating a cloud-based culture within your school.

This is a set of Google Templates for ePortfolios and Student Learning plans as well as a Google template for teacher curriculum maps. The idea of PATH was a way to bring all these elements together into one cohesive plan that can be implemented easily.

One of the highlights of the common core is a focus on digital collaboration. Google Apps is an ideal tool for this collaboration but it changes the dynamics of the classroom. This session I will speak about classroom workflow when using GAFE and introduce the gClassFolders I designed for easily creating student folders. 

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