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How To: See New Google Form Results At The Top

Google Forms is great at adding data to a spreadsheet, but often all you want to see is the new results and that could be several hundred rows down.   Instead of scrolling down all the way down here is quick formula you can use to create a sheet that always shows the data at the top.

  1. In your form results create a new Sheet.
  2. In cell A1 enter this formula:
    1. =query('Form Responses 1'!1:100002, "Select * order by A desc",1)


  • =query() is a function built into google: more info
  • 'Form Responses 1'!1:100002 is the sheet name and range of the form data
  • Select * tells the query to select all the columns, This can be changed to Select A,B,C format also
  • order by A desc tells the query to reverse the order based on column A
  • ,1 tells the query to include the headings.

Also check out:
  • Also check out the EZ Query add-on.   This gives you a graphical interface to create simple queries.  At the time of this blog post "order by A desc" is not an option but it is on my road map to include in the future.