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Free Video File Joiner

I bought the school a nice video camera, Canon VIXIA HF G40, for recording events and school news.   The camera has worked out very well, but like all new digital camera's it breaks the video's into multiple files.   So the search began to find a very simple software that can easily join those video files into one.    After several failed attempts I finally stumbled across DVD Video Media's: Video Cutter Joiner.   The software is just for joining (or splitting) video files, it works fast and is very simple to use.

My setup at school

New Badging Tool for schools

I just finished and published my latest Google Sheets Add-on: BadgerPD.   

BadgerPD is a Google Sheet Add-on for Micro-Credentialing / Badge tracking.  Set it up for a school,  classroom, conference, or business.   It will allow you to link to your own training's, or a public repository.   Enjoy and Never Stop Learning.

VT Fest: Build Your Own Badge Framework

Title: Build Your Own Badge Framework
Time: Thursday at 9:15
There are many places that allow you to earn badges, and they are a great way to show your proficiency level of a subject. In this session we will have an open discussion about building your own micro-credential lessons that result in earning a badge. For example, think about all the items in your makerspace, how do you know if a student can use the 3d printer, or the Arduino. Now imagine associating a micro-credential lesson with each of those items, students or teachers could complete those lessons and provide proof of knowledge.

Types of badges

Micro-credentialing is the process of earning a micro-credential, which are like mini-degrees or certifications in a specific topic area. They can either be broad, such as 'Machine Learning,' or specific, like 'Using Data to Differentiate Instruction for ELL Students.'What is Micro Credentialing? | Study.com

Break-out Group Discussion

Badge Tracking Tools

Badgeing and Professional Development
Activities that Qualify for Professional Learning Credit 
"As long as it fits with the professional learning standards. Documentation HAS to have the name of the sponsoring institute, dates, and hours. "

Build your own badge
Use Google Draw to create the badge. Then click File => Publish to get a public URL for that image.

Earn a badge at VT Fest

Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) at VT Fest
Thursday Block 3: 10:30 - 11:00 - Let’s Talk Micro-credentialing (Meetup) with Susan Henessey, Bjorn Behrendt, Ruben Puentedura, Tim O’Leary. 
Thursday Blocks 2,3,4,5 & Friday Blocks 2,3 - Making Physical Badges with Cricut Maker, GlowForge Laser Cutter, or Button Maker