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Create Narrated Presentations & Screencasts On A Chromebook

This blog post accompanies my presentation at the Vermont Google Summit 2014

This post is about creating narrated presentations using a Chromebook.   In education there are many purposes for creating narrated presentations, from creating Flipped videos to, to your students doing recorded oral presentations.  The tools outlined below will allow you to put together video's that can record your audio and presentation materials.

All the below videos were recorded using an Acer 720p with 4 gigs of ram.

Screencasting will record everything that is happening on your desktop or tab.  This can be combined with any application like Prezi or Google Slides to create oral presentations.  This is also the most common way to create how-to type of video's.

  • This is a simple Chrome extension that can record your current tab, desktop or even switch between tabs.  It give you the option to add your video in the bottom right.   Once done you can easily upload the video to Youtube or Google Drive.   I find this very easy to use and is currently my favorite Screencasting tool. 

  • This is probably the most popular screencasting app for Chromebooks because it is made by TechSmith which is currently the top developer of these type of tools.  However at this time I am really not a fan.  It requires turning on extra settings and restarting your Chromebook, which I am sure will go away soon.  There are less settings than Screencastify however I find it more clunky to navigate.  I also don't know if it was SnagIT or my network but I had a lot of technical trouble creating the below screencast.

Talking Head:

  • You can't get much simpler.  Go to upload, and choose via Webcamp.  This will allow you to create a one shot video. 

Collaborative Hangouts:
Google Hangout

  • I personally use Google Hangouts to connect with people from around the world on a weekly basis for my podcast.   It is a great tool that allows you to connect with up to 15 people with video and interact live with those who are just watching.  You can easily switch from a talking head to sharing your screen.  If you so choose they can be recorded directly to YouTube.    The video below is not one of mine but a student run show/helpdesk that +Kern Kelley hosts called Tech Sherpas.

Add Narration to a Presentation:

  • Movenote will allow you to speak, with a webcam preview, through your presentation.   You can upload Google Presentations, PowerPoints, PDF files, and images.  Once uploaded you can then mix and mesh them together to create the presentation you would like to narrate. 


  • SlideSpeech is very unique as it incooperates text to speech to create a narrated presentation.  This is key for those students who are uncomfortable speaking or can't speak.   

Animation with Narration

  • This is a very fun tool, that allows you to create narrated animation type presentations.

Video Editing:

  • This is currently the popular web-based video editor, allowing you to upload several video's, add transitions and overlays.  
(Exporting to YouTube is only available in the paid version)

Very interesting
Super Gif Capture

  • This is a very interesting approach that I found while looking for a stop motion tool for the chromebook.  There is no audio but it will capture a portion of the screen and save it as a gif.  

Ctrl" + "Page Flipper Key"

links to explore
  • http://blog.crazyegg.com/2013/05/28/online-presentation-tools/
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