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Announcing: Lab Scheduler Add-on

Lab Scheduler is a unique resource scheduler designed for schools, that uses periods or blocks to schedule rather than times. This works out well for schools where each day's meeting times change constantly to accommodate, block scheduling, 1/2 days, or assemblies. Schools can set up the Lab Scheduler sheet with their resources that need to be signed out. Then share it with edit rights to their teachers. Teachers then select the resources from the sheet tabs at the bottom and put their name on the specific day and period that they want to sign up. The lab scheduler will continually take out the previous day and add a new one so that once it is set up, it will always be up-to-date.


Announcing: Connected Groups Add-on

Creates shared groups between different Gmail accounts.

Connected Groups add-on uses a spreadsheet as a master list to create shared contact groups.  Each person who is shared is called a Manager, each manager can add or delete names from the list, as well as invite other users to become managers and use the shared contact list.   Any changes to the lists get updated to all the managers over the course of an hour.  Managers can choose to sync or not sync.     One possible scenario is a secretary needs to manage a contact group for a school principal.    The secretary is in charge of keeping the contact list up-to-date.  They can install Connected Groups and updating the list will be as easy as adding a name to a spreadsheet.

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