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Start Video Blogging Now: Dynamic Landscapes Presentation

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 2:00

Whether you use it for flipped learning, or your students use the tools to show proficiency, learning to video blog will enhance your classroom.   This session I will cover creating a YouTube channel, recording tools for screencasting and video editing, hardware you might use like video cameras and microphones, as well as techniques for planning your presentations.   Watch the intro video: http://bit.ly/DL2018VideoBlogging

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  • Youtube Settings (Sprocket) (access only when in the creator studio)
    • Create new channels
    • Add other managers to those channels
  • Channel
    • Your Customizable YouTube Website
    • The goal is for people to subscribe to your channel
  • Creator Studio
    • Upload videos
    • See statistics about your video's
  • Upload videos
    • Public, Unlisted, Private
    • PlayLists
  • Live Stream
    • 60sec delay
  • Edit Video's
    • Enhancements
      • Blurr Faces
      • Slow Motion / Timelapse
      • Trim / Stabilize / Other
    • Audio
    • Annotations / Cards




  • Webcams
    • Any webcam should work, I tend to go with Logitech.
    • I like using ones that are for 780p instead of 1080p.  They both have a similar quality image, but 780p has a narrower field of view, so they tend to pick up less of the background, and allow a more focused headshot. 
    • Ipevo Webcam
  • Video Camera's
    • Under $200 cameras are often not worth the money.  Watch out for fake Amazon.com reviews on them.
    • Look for an external mic input
    • Don't buy the amazon.com package deals.  
    • FHU owns the Canon G40
    • Cellphones are probably one of the best video camera's you will find
    • DSLR for video
      • Many professional video bloggers now use DSLR cameras for video blogging.
      • Advantage
        • Nice high-resolution video's
        • Able to blur the background
      • Disadvantage
        • Limited to 30 minutes of continuous video.  All DSLR's will have this limitation because if they recorded longer they would be classified as a video recorder and subject to higher shipping fees. 
    • Audio
      • People are less forgiving of bad audio than they are of bad video.
      • Headset: Logitech USB H390
      • Microphone: Audio-Technica ATR2100
      • External video camera mic: Rode VideoMic Pro 
        • Careful with less expensive Rode mics or any external mic without a built-in power source. These tend to use the camera for power, and will only work with specific models of video cameras.
      • Wireless Mic: Rode RodeLink
      • Conference Mic: Jabra Speak