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EdListen 11: Using Calendars To Improve Productivity

Host & Producer: Bjorn Behrendt ~ g+ | twitter 

This week I am joined by Eric Curts, who is the technology director for North Canton City Schools in Ohio, creator of the www.appsusergroup.org, and host of The State Of Tech podcast.   Being both podcasters we chatted for about 20 minutes on educational podcasting before we dove into the topic of using Calendars in schools.


~ Eric's article about Appointment Slot Alternatives: http://www.appsusergroup.org/news/appointment-slot-alternatives
~ Eric's use of Google Calendars for Middle School Homework: http://ms.northcantonschools.org/cal/hwcal
~ Eric's use of Google Calendars for lab sign up: http://tech.northcantonschools.org/calendars
~ Eric's use of Google Calendars for district-level and building-level calendars: http://nccs.northcantonschools.org/cal

Alternatives to Appintment Slots
WASS (open source)
Scheduling Assistant (open source)

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  1. Update: Google has just announced that it will not be removing the appointment slots feature.