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Announcing Buzz-in Google Sheets Add-on

Buzz In is a buzzer / clicker to use in the classroom.  Great for classroom games, the free version will allow you to see who clicked first.  The paid version adds a Text Box, Select or Check Box question that can be completed when they Buzz In.

After launching the Flippity Add-on, I was asked by a teacher if I knew of any buzzer tools that could be used with it.  After some research I didn't find anything that I really felt worked well, so the Buzz In add-on was born.

I decided to release this as a free/paid add-on.   The free version is just a buzzer to find out who chose first.  The paid version adds assessment to the buzzer so that teachers can get feedback from the students.  I can see this being used for impromptu tests, lunch counts, topic selection, and more.

Here is a quick tutorial video I created:

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