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Use Chrome Remote Desktop As A Free Alternative To LogMeIn

LogMeIn announced today that they are discontinuing their free service.   While I wish they kept a free version, I can't blame them because they did offer a great product at no cost for quite some time.  I used LogMeIn for emergencies only and do not plan to subscribe to the paid version.  

I am sure that there are going to be many free alternatives popping up in their place, but I would like to share my solution.   

Chrome Remote Desktop is nothing fancy, but it will allow you to remotely connect to your computers & servers from any location.   It is cross platform, so it does work on Linux, Mac OS, Windows & Chromebooks.   I still have to test if it works from Chrome from Android/iOS.

Chrome Remote Desktop has 2 modes.

1. Remote Assistance, which both parties need to be running Google Chrome and a random code is given so that the remote person can watch and control the other persons computer.

2. Access to your own computers.   You can assign a 6+ digit pin to your computers giving you access to them from any other chrome browser.  

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