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Interactive Whiteboard Apps for Android ~ Great for Flippers

I am a fan of flipping the classroom and while researching for my Flippin Tools Course, I was looking for some Android whiteboard recorders that can compare to Educreations or ShowMe for the iPad.  I found two that allowed you to use a whiteboard an narrate. 

Lensoo Create (Free): 


This was my top choice as I found it easy to use and was able to publish a test video.  It did however only install onto my wife's Nexus 7 and not my Galaxy Nexus Android Phone.  

The website Lensoo.com is much more than a placeholder for their application it is a complete listing of different courses that users have created using their software.  This means teachers can browse through the current course listings to find ones they want to learn or show their students, as well as create full course themselves.

The application itself I found pretty complete and easy to use.  You can change pen color, erase, add pictures, record a narration and have multiple slides per presentation.   One thing I really liked is that they had some built in backgrounds to choose from that included a chalkboard and lined paper.  If you want to learn more it comes with some how-to video's which you can watch.


UTGreat Whiteboard Beta (Free):

I am going to keep a close eye on this application.  It is currently in Beta and does have a few kinks to work out, the most important of which is publishing.  At the time of me writing this post I could not find a way to share the narrated presentation.   UTgreat installed on my Galaxy Nexus phone but was not compatible with my Wife's Nexus 7 tablet, so the opposite of Lensoo Create.  It does have a Windows version that I have yet to tryout, even listing compatibility with Windows 8.

The UT in UTgreat stands for U = You, T = Teach,  great.  When I first turned it on it forced me to log into some some social networks that I am not familiar with or with Facebook.  I am hoping that this will change, so that it can be run standalone.

The application is quite functional allowing for multiple slides, color pens, and audio recording.   It has a Flipped section which sounds like I am able to annotate a video, but I could not get it to work.  It has the ability to insert PDF files, or photos.  While these were very good features the program crashed every time I tried to import a graphic, or pdf.

The application is Beta so I will give them a pass on the few issues I ran into.  Once they work out the kinks I can see this app becoming a strong tool for all educators.

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