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Join me July 8-12 at Castleton's Personalizing Learning Institute in VT

Presentations that I am doing, and there are many more great sessions by other presenters.

Design ePortfolios for Students by Bjorn Behrendt
(Monday July 8th - 8:30-11, 1-4)
This session will cover the components of building and implementing a student ePortfolio initiative in your school. It will cover some of the different techniques for publishing, reflecting and how the student can take their work with them when they graduate. All levels of learners are welcome.

Paperless Classroom by Bjorn Behrendt
(Tuesday July 9th - 1-4) & (Friday July 12th - 8:30-11)
Google Docs is a great way to collaborate with your students. This session will talk about a classroom workflow and a script gClassFolders which will automate the process of creating student folders. If you would like to bring a class list, you can use this time to create the folders and be ready for the upcoming school year. All levels of learners welcome.

Hangout with Google+ by Bjorn Behrendt
(Wednesday July 10th - 8:30-11)
Google plus is Google’s new social network that is a powerful learning tool for the classroom and personal learning. This session will go through the different features of Google+ as well as how it can be used in schools and with students. Some of these features include hangouts which are like skyping with up to 15 people and communities which are great places to collaborate with other educators. All learner levels are welcome.

Building Your Classroom Website by Bjorn Behrendt
(Thursday July 11th - 8:30-11, 1-4)
Spend this time building a classroom website using Google Sites with help from a Google Certified Trainer. Add in a class calendar, assignments, and news. See examples and even work on improving the look and feel of a current site. Use the site as a lightweight Learning Management System or just a way to communicate with parents. All learning levels welcome.

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