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EdListen 17: MoodleShare with Jon Fila

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Interview with +Jon Fila the co-creator and admin of http://moodleshare.org and works for Intermediate District 287 in Minnesota as a Personalized Learning Facilitator; Innovation Coach; Teacher & Moodle Strategist. Jon presents around the country relating to digital delivery and using Open Educational Resources. He is a Certified Google Apps for Education Trainer and a member of the MN Learning Commons, a partnership between K-12; Higher Ed and the MN Dept. of Education. Jon has been a teacher for 12 years in the private, public, ALC and college settings.

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  1. Its like reading an old how to book ,the method may be old but the structure is the same

  2. when i post to the comment window Edlisten defaults back to the beginning. I would like to go back to where i left off or even post while listening.