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EdListen 1: Teaching Foreign Language

Host & Producer: Bjorn Behrendt ~ g+ | twitter | email
Co-host: Profé (Joshua Morse) ~ website

Profé and I talk about teaching foreign language in high school and some of the new tools you can use.  

Show news:
~ Welcome to the new EdListen Podcast I will be recording every Friday at 3:00 est. 
~ Forgot to mention in the show but please join my EduOnAir hangout October 23rd at 11est: A Classroom Model and using gClassFolders to Automate the process

What's New in Google:
Google Input Tools in Gmail
Google Input Tools Chrome extension
Note:  After I recorded the show I figured out that when you have the virtual keyboard open it actually changes layout of your physical keyboard.  This means you don't need to type using the virtual keyboard, but you can use your normal keyboard to type just replace the keys with what you see on the virtual one.

Show Links
~ Diigo - Online Bookmarking with sticky notes and annotation features 
~ VTvlc - Vermont Virtual learning Cooperative
TellMeMore - Translation with dictation
~ SpanishDict.com ~ Online Spanish dictionary

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Let me know your favorite places to connect with other educators in other countries.  If there are any English teachers in a Spanish speaking country please contact Profé and me.

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  1. First When i like to make a comment it shuts off your program. I would like to listen and comment at the same time.
    Middlebary collage is big into language and if you take a language courses there its mandatory that you not speak English so this format would be grate. There is also a mentor program as a lesson for these students to assist them with the proper translations. They all must use a foreign keyboard corresponding to their language study.

  2. I did not know the number is also a conformation number to post comments